A blog can be a personal diary, a daily rant, a political soapbox, a collection of links, writings about your personal thoughts, or in the case of a business, a way to drive traffic to your business website.

Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them out there and there are no real rules. Best of all - it is FREE!

A blog is basically a place, similar to a website, where you write free stuff on an ongoing basis. New posts show up at the top of the first page so your visitors can read what's new. They can leave a Comment on a post or link to it or email you or just read it and move on. As you write more posts they drop off from the front or homepage and go to secondary pages. A visitor would have to search or find them through a category link.

For a business owner it is important to not only have a website to showcase your products and/or service but I do suggest having a blog, if you have time, just to draw more traffic to your main website.

If something is free and can benefit your business you should definitely take advantage of it.

Here are some websites that let you setup a Blog for free.

www.blogger.com/ (suggested for the newbie blogger)

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