Lavender Mini Bouquets are very popular for weddings and other parties. We even had customers use them as a giveaway when a client purchased a gift certificate. You can use them at the wedding reception, as a wedding favor, or bridal favor too. Here are instructions so you can make them yourself.

Supplies Needed:

  • dried Lavender stems
  • green floral tape (to match stem color)
  • ribbon (satin or organza - we are using 3/4" wide in our photos)
  • utility scissors
  • fabric/ribbon scissors
  • ruler
  • customized tag or business card (optional)


Click on a picture to view it larger.

Gather your supplies together (see list above)

Pull out 10 to 20 good, straight stems from the bunch and strip excess buds. You only want about an 1" of buds at the top of the stem.

Arrange the stems into a nicely shaped bouquet.

Start floral tape at the top of the bunch, just at the base of the last set of buds.

Roll the floral tape down the stems about 1-1/2" as you turn the bouquet.

Roll the floral tape back up the stems as you turn the bouquet. Press the tape at the top with your fingers and cut off excess.

Lay the bunch next to a ruler and measure 6" from top of bunch to bottom.

Using utility scissors cut the stems off at 6".

Lay the ribbon next to the ruler and measure out 7-3/4".

Cut the ribbon straight across at 7-3/4".

Place the ribbon as shown in the picture above, overlapping right over left.

Take right edge of ribbon and push under left making sure not to twist the ribbon. Pull tight and press ribbon flat down with your fingers.

If you want to add a tag use a 1/8" hole punch and put a hole at the top left of the tag. Feed the ribbon through the hole making sure not to twist it.

Space the tag in the center of the ribbon. Tie the ribbon onto the bouquet as shown above making sure tag is on top.

With fabric scissors cut the edges of the ribbon off at an angle.

The finished lavender bouquet! It looks so elegant on a fancy china plate.

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