A lot of websites today, especially those with shopping carts, are made up of Dynamic web pages. A dynamic webpage is one that is driven by a database. Most of the information on a dynamic web page does not appear until a person accesses that page. The database then brings up what the person is looking for.

This is a good thing for online shopping but not so good if you are looking for good search engine results. Search engines usually cannot access the information or data on a dynamic page to index it because it changes all of the time.

Add some Static web pages to your website.

A static web page is one where the information is permanent and does not come from a database. Therefore, the search engine can index it and it will show up on search engine results.

How to tell the difference between a dynamic and static webpage?

Look at the end of the webpage address.

A dynamic page will usually end in .php, .asp, .aspx or have a Session ID at the end of the address.

Example: http://www.limaugeboutique.com/categories.php

A static page will usually end in either .htm or .html

Example: http://www.limaugeboutique.com/lavender.htm

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